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Auburn Bay School Calgary

7 Auburn Bay Avenue SE, Calgary, T3M 0K6

Phone: 403-817-3540

Auburn Bay School is a K-4 school enrolling students who live in the communities of Auburn Bay and Seton. The hallmark of Auburn Bay School is the development of deep and meaningful relationships that lay the groundwork for inquiry learning. This state-of-the-art facility opened September 2016 and provides the setting for a learning environment rich with access to technology, flexible learning spaces, learning commons, inquiry and discovery, and open areas. Surrounding the school are a natural pond and wildlife area as well as an outdoor learning park both utilized as student learning occurs outside of the four walls of the classroom. An interactive playground was built in 2018 funded by Alberta Grants and parent fundraising. Opportunities to participate in clubs, choirs, cross-grade learning, and after school programs round out the rich, forward thinking, personalized learning environment offered at Auburn Bay School. Parents play a valuable role in contributing to the successful learning environment at Auburn Bay.

Auburn Bay Calgary Schools

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Auburn Bay Community Association

The Auburn Bay Community Association and all Community Associations are located in every community of Calgary – they are not-for-profit organizations run by your neighbours and other volunteers that connect you, act as a voice for your area Committee work Fitness classes Arts & Culture programs Youth programs Farmers markets and craft fairs Senior’s clubs

New COVID-19 coronavirus updates for Auburn Bay Schools, Students, classes

Find New COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

Teachers and other school staff will still be expected work, either from home or at their workplace. Decisions on how to do this are still to be made, and may vary depending on the school jurisdiction.

School authorities are expected to continue their regular day-to-day operations and ensure the safety of school facilities. Maintenance, capital projects, cleaning of facilities, and administrative work will continue.

•Every student will receive a final mark and students will progress to their next grade level next school year.
•Provincial assessments, such as provincial achievement tests, will be cancelled.
•At this time, diploma exams essential for post-secondary acceptance will continue.
•Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate.
•All licensed childcare facilities, out-of-school programs and preschool programs in Alberta are closed at this time.

•Approved day homes are exempt as they care for fewer than 7 children at a time, but should use enhanced sanitation practices.

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