Rob Campbell REALTOR®

Rob Campbell

Born in Montreal, Quebec to Scottish and Greek parents, Rob moved to Calgary at the age of 12.
After graduating high school in 1985, Rob along with his good friend Anthony Cools became the first DJ's at a new Calgary bar called "Denny Andrews". He was hooked!

For the next 15 years, Rob worked in Calgary, Edmonton, Australia and Vancouver as a DJ, Entertainment Director and finally General Manager and Operations Consultant.

After leaving the business for a few years, Rob decided to move back to Calgary with his wife and their son and daughter. He then earned his Real Estate License and embarked on a career marketing Restaurants, Pubs, Franchises and many other types of hospitality venues.

Now, with over twenty eight years in the hospitality business, Rob is happily committed to a career which allows him to combine his love of people, his passion for the food and beverage industry and his experience as a management consultant. Helping owners with their expansion plans and/or exit strategies or working with a first time buyer are reasons why he loves what he does.

One of Rob's biggest assets is that he has worked in the industry that he now helps people get into. His long and successful career gives him real world experience that he can draw from when his clients ask him the tough questions. Advice from someone who has "Been there...Done that" can be invaluable to a person making decisions on a new venture. Rob's biggest joy is seeing his client’s succeed and flourish in this amazing business.

Even if you’re just exploring your options, take a minute to give Rob a call and have a coffee, you'll be glad you did!