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Patrick Hare

A real estate brokerage earns its success just like any perennial sports champion. Talent and hard work are what truly lead to a winning formula. But it all starts with leadership. For 21 years, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in Calgary has been a leader in the industry as the top producing single RE/MAX office in the world.

RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) Owner

Patrick Hare

Patrick Hare

And behind that incredible success lies the pillars of talent, hard work, and a dedicated and efficient staff all under the leadership of Pat Hare, who owns the business with his wife Denise. I always say its the realtors. We’ve always attracted hard-working, top-producing realtors. We’ve always had good support staff and a good management team and we still do, says Hare. The keys to his leadership are hard work, honest leadership and leading by example

My top six or seven realtors never sold real estate until they came to RE/MAX Central. They came right out of the course, says Hare. The top-producing realtors generally stay where they are. We attract middle realtors that want to become top producing realtors and we attract new realtors and show them the way. Hare was born and raised on a tobacco farm in Delhi, Ontario. He obtained his degree in commerce from the University of Ottawa before moving to Calgary and beginning his real estate career in 1979. He co-founded RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in 1984 with only 40 agents before growing the office to over 240 agents today. Hare loves working in real estate because of the people he meets and his passion for sharing his knowledge with clients, realtors and friends. In his spare time, he likes to fish, read, travel and spend time with his wife, Denise and their two grown children, Eden and Mackenzie.

In 2019, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) realtors were involved in 3,699 transactions. Hare’s strength lies in recruiting and teaching. For years, he has been a coach and a mentor for realtors in the brokerage. He’s a person of high energy and has a fount of knowledge in both the world of real estate and the general economy. Hare is a strong believer in training programs that help individual realtors reach a new level of success. Many programs have been made available to realtors over the years to improve their game which is one of the main reasons the company has reached its lofty level of success. We’ve trained a lot of the top producers ourselves, says Hare.

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