Patrick Hare

Patrick Hare

Pat is a born and raised tobacco farmer, originating from Delhi, Ontario, the sixth of eight children. He was predominantly raised by his early-widowed mother who lived until 94 years of age on the family farm. Today, Pat counts 23 first-generation nieces and nephews! Shared are tales of Pat as a young entrepreneur: raising chickens, picking strawberries and crating corn for spending money. Always industrious! Business aside, Pat likes to eat out, travel, fish, golf and watch action shows. He played hockey most of his life and is a (somewhat secret) Flames fan. After completing a bachelor’s degree in commerce at the University of Ottawa, Pat moved to Calgary to chase a dream of working in real estate, recognizing the booming potential of the city. He started his real estate career in 1979, with Westmoreland Real Estate. In 1984, together with his partner, Westmoreland transitioned to RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) where it has grown from 35 realtors to over 235 presently.

Pat has been married to his partner in life, and business, Denise since 1989. They share a history of connection; both having been born in that same small southern Ontario town. In 1990, Eden was born, followed soon thereafter by her brother, Mackenzie. RE/MAX Central is a family-led business. In 2008, Pat and Denise took over the office exclusively. Most recently, in 2020, Mackenzie Hare was introduced, bringing a unique perspective and intelligent business-mind as a McGill Desautel School of Business graduate and CPA designation holder. Pat has long been a proponent of RE/MAX. When asked “why RE/MAX?” he stresses the long- term success of the brand as a leader in the industry. Pat says: “In real estate, the consumer wants to know who you are and who you work for.” RE/MAX is universally recognized as the best. Furthermore, Pat respects that on a corporate level, the company supports Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). RE/MAX Central was the first office in Western Canada to donate $1 million to CMN. Personally, the cause is close to Pat’s heart.

When asked to describe her husband, Denise says Pat is “generous, hard-working; constantly evolving, learning and growing” and she recognizes him as a “mentor and leader in real estate and business.” Similarly, when asked about what he loves most leading RE/MAX Central, Pat describes mentoring the next generation and “managing some of the most productive agents in the world.” Pat is charismatic and “entertaining”—his blue pen, always on his person, is the stuff of legends—almost everyone knows that pen and the advice that flows forth when it hits paper. For decades, RE/MAX Central has reigned above competition.

For 20 consecutive years, they’ve been the number one RE/MAX office for transactions worldwide, and for the past three years, awarded the ‘Number One Office’ in “dollar-volume.” Lately, real estate sales have grown exponentially in Calgary. RE/MAX Central has followed the trend. “Last year, we did 5555 deals, an average of 24 per realtor.” One cannot achieve such accolades without respect and loyalty. A longtime assistant describes the “honor” and pride she feels being a part of Pat’s team. As the years pass, RE/MAX Central only seems to get stronger, and the office remains a desirable business to join. To ensure the success of individual realtors, they offer one-on-one training and both classroom and online small-group sessions. Presently, the office is working on three new programs that will take a realtor from the beginning of their career, fostering success in the future.

Pat credits several factors to staying on top. For one, the office is constantly evolving and is an industry leader in adopting new technologies. Furthermore, from decades of experience and achievement, he demonstrates professionalism and a culture of high expectation which breeds success. Pat takes pride in education and leadership. He respects people as individuals, sharing time and attention, seeing each realtor’s potential. His consideration is acknowledged, and he is described as always setting aside time “if you need his advice or opinion.” Based on strong family values, Pat has built his business through hard work that has earned him loyalty. Many realtors have been with him 25 years plus! There is a long history of familial real estate teams at the office. Pat leads by example. His wife and son are actively involved at Central, and a nephew and niece have worked there long-term. He is the first person to recognize others’ efforts. Pat credits his “realtors, staff and management” as foundational to achievement. This sentiment is shared: “Working for Pat is easy! He appreciates and trusts [others].” Through adaptation and evolution, the office stays ahead of the curve. Technology, training and mentorship make RE/MAX Central unique. The RE/MAX Central Brand embodies Pat’s core values of sharing knowledge and experience to help others reach financial security. Simply, Pat enjoys “making people happy.” About real estate generally, Pat is a traditionalist and humble at heart. He loves “looking after others in their real estate journeys.” RE/MAX Central, under Pat’s steadfast leadership, has recognition and respect of the community, industry and world.

A real estate brokerage earns its success just like any perennial sports champion. Talent and hard work are what truly lead to a winning formula. But it all starts with leadership. For 21 years, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in Calgary has been a leader in the industry as the top producing single RE/MAX office in the world.

Phone: 403.216.1600
Email: pat.hare@remax.net

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