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Joe Viani

Joe has been involved in over 1200 real estate transactions and is consistently recognized as a top producing REALTOR® at RE/MAX Real Estates (Central). Joe has received many awards including the RE/MAX Executive Club Award, RE/MAX 100% club award, and RE/MAX Platinum Award.

Engage Training Program Manager

Joe Viani

Calgary’s RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) is not resting on its laurels as it continues to come up with unique and innovative programs to help its realtors be better at what they do. Central, which been the top-producing single RE/MAX office in the world for 20 straight years, has launched its Engage Real Estate Training Program for its about 300 realtors – a practical and hands-on training initiative. “We understand and we recognize that realtors need support to grow and become successful. We are here to support realtors,” said Joe Viani, manager of the Engage program.

“People call me the oldest young guy in the office. They’ve called me that for years because I’m a traditional realtor who learned by doing hard work but I am now having to fold in technology, social media, new tools, etc. I learnt by how it used to be done. I see how it is being done. And I’m trying to bring those two worlds together and give the information back to the realtors.”

Viani’s roots are in Calgary. The 38-year-old was born and raised in the city and went to St. Francis High School. He was licenced as a realtor in 2000 but worked as an assistant for two years prior to that. Viani’s experience spans all spectrums of the real estate industry from first-time homebuyers to multi-million dollar clients. He works both in Calgary and in the surrounding areas. Viani also works with a few homebuilders in the city for new home construction as well as in the commercial real estate sector. “The Engage program came about through conversations between myself, Nick (Profeta, office manager and Chief Happiness Officer at Central) and Pat (Hare, owner of Central),” said Viani. “What we recognized is that we have the most powerful, most recognized, real estate brand. “But we also realized there was a bit of a disconnect when it came to supporting realtors. If you are a producing realtor, an experienced realtor, RE/MAX Central is the place to be. But there is another demographic of realtors that can be successful. They just needed some guidance. So we said what can we do, how can we support the realtor?” So the idea was to build a program that was as broad as possible to cover as many different areas of the real estate industry as possible and therefore realtors could join the program and pick and choose what is best for them. The three key components of the Engage program are training (education), engagement (accountability), and lead generation.

“It’s hands-on, boots on the ground. How to sell real estate, how to be successful whether it’s dealing with a client or getting your own business, your own real estate practice set up. It’s really that practical stuff,” said Viani. The program has 12 training modules over six weeks with monthly ongoing meetings, one-on-one sessions as well as special workshops on subjects such as social media use and business planning. RE/MAX Central also recently completed construction on a new training room which is home to two 75-inch televisions, wired for sound, internet and a multi-purpose ‘green room’. “Having a manager with a proven track record of success is something we wanted to offer the agents. The Engage program is built on three pillars: Education, Lead-Generation, and Engagement. Joe has the experience. He is able to lead by example and he can speak well on all three pillars,” said Profeta.

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