RE/MAX launches first of its kind video generator tool for realtors

We are living in an era of video and the real estate industry was one of the early ones to adopt it as a powerful way to reach consumers.

Now RE/MAX has launched an industry-first tool for its network – a customizable video generator that provides the company’s agents across North America a simple method where they can create their own personal 15-second videos for promotion across most social media platforms, personal and professional websites and even on local television stations.

“It’s a first in kind creative process for any real estate organization in North America actually where what we’ve done is given the ability for all of our sales associates to create personalized 15-second commercials that are complementary to our national ad campaign – well actually North America wide ad campaign,” says Elton Ash, Regional Executive Vice President of RE/MAX of Western Canada.

“It’s quite unique and a great tool for the membership to take advantage of . . .  Quite frankly, video has become critical in all industries and professions in delivering a message. Real estate is certainly probably the leading curve of that when it comes to all industries and professions because of the way business is developed and maintained.

Elton Ash

“Today’s consumer is being bombarded by hundreds of thousands of messages a day in all forms of media whether that’s the drive to work, the newspaper, whether it’s online or hard copy to television commercials to going onto Facebook and direct marketing options there . . . A video provides the opportunity of a little more focused personalized message that’s targeted specifically to an audience that the realtor wants to target. That could be past customers. Could be spheres of influence that they deal with. Other professionals. Other realtors to develop referral relationships. The list is almost endless as to how they can use the videos.”

The theme of the national campaign is evident on the company’s national website: “The experience, the tools, the know-how. That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent. Explore Canada’s real estate market with us today.” And the campaign reaches out to Canadians through outdoor, radio, digital, TV and social media outlets.

To create their own customized videos, which are designed to complement the national campaign’s look and feel, RE/MAX agents are directed to a portal to upload their headshots and contact details, says the company. Through this experience, they are also prompted to choose between options for music and which competitive advantages they prefer to list (for example, 3-D home tours, e-signatures, and marketing savvy). In total, there are more than 5,000 possible combinations.

“Giving our agents the ability to create personalized spots with a few clicks of a button is another way RE/MAX delivers unique value to our network,” says Abby Lee, RE/MAX Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications in the United States, in a news release.

“It’s a tool our agents can use instantly, activating our vast network, while allowing them to be able to focus on what they do best — helping homebuyers and sellers achieve their dreams.”

Ash says the nature of a video is really up to the individual realtor’s imagination and the target audience he or she wants to reach.

“What’s important, especially for RE/MAX realtors, to be reinforced again is that RE/MAX has always been the leader when it comes to technological tools and that we continue to do that. There’s a lot of hype in the industry right now especially from technology companies that are coming into the industry in Canada . . . that are in their mind disrupting the industry when in actual fact we’ve always been digitally-friendly and technologically-proficient and providing tools like this that actually provide direct benefit to the sales associate,” adds Ash.


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