Nominations underway for CREB’s Realtor of the Year Award for Calgary’s real estate industry

Since 1979, the Calgary Real Estate Board has honoured the city’s top realtors at its annual Diamond Awards Gala with a number of presentations including the T.W.H. (Bill) Saunders Memorial Award for Realtor of the Year.

Nominations for the prestigious award are underway and will end on March 1. For CREB members, visit to nominate a member.

Over the years, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central), which has been the top-producing single RE/MAX office in the world for 19 straight years, has had four of its realtors win the highly-acclaimed award: Jon Dick in 2015; Nick Profeta in 2012; Vern Tetz in 2006 and Alan Tennant in 1995.

Nick Profeta

“Everyone at Central is proud that we have four current or former realtors that have received the TWH Award, but we don’t really talk about it. When I think of the award, I’m reminded of the quote by Albert Einstein: ‘It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it’,” said Profeta, Manager, Associate and Chief Happiness Officer of the Central office.

“My favourite part of this is that no one told us to give back and volunteer. There wasn’t a poster on the wall and it was never discussed at our meetings – it just happened. In addition to Vern, Alan, Jon and I, we still have dozens of realtors at Central giving back to the industry and the community every day.”

The annual award will be presented at the CREB Diamond Awards Gala which is set for May 25. Several other awards are also given out that evening including to long-service members, to honorary public members and to volunteers.

“It really is the epitome of member recognition and covers member involvement in both the community and in the industry and just in general being good leaders and role models of the realty community basically,” said Tennant, who is now CREB’s CEO.

Alan Tennant

Tennant has also received CREB’s honorary life member award.

“The Realtor of the Year Award was quite humbling to receive because I think it does embody everything I think that a realtor tries to achieve without looking for recognition,” said Tennant. “So you want to be a respected member of the realtor community, a good business person and also be a contributor in your community. That’s the recipe for a successful real estate career.

“So being recognized for your involvement in your community and as a professional is very humbling.”

Jon Dick

The Realtor of the Year Award is named after Thomas William Henry Saunders “who inspired a generation with his high standards of professionalism, leadership and dedication to the community,” says CREB.

After he died in 1977, CREB’s board of directors created the annual award in Saunders’ honour to continue inspiring its members to be their best both in real estate and in the greater community.

Beyond sales performance, the award recognizes realtors for their high standards of professionalism, leadership and dedication to the community.

Vern Tetz

According to CREB, nominations for the award should be for inspiring realtors who:

  • Live the Golden Rule in real estate, treating others as they would want to be treated;
  • Exemplify caring and humanity, not just within CREB membership but for the greater community;
  • Are involved in CREB committees (or committees within other real estate boards and associations) and actively contribute to the greater community through volunteerism and charity; and
  • Have a minimum of five continuous years of membership with CREB.

During Saunders’ membership with CREB, he achieved many awards. Among them are: Listing contest winner, 1965; third place in Annual Sales Contest, 1966; second place in the Annual Sales Contest, 1967; Top Salesman and gold watch winner in June and July 1967. He became a Member of the MLS Million Dollar Club in July 1967. In 1966, he served as salesman’s representative on the Board of Directors, and Chairman of two committees –  the Program Committee and the House Committee. In 1974, he served on the Board again, chairing the Farm Division and the Advertising Committee, and again in 1975 chairing the House Committee. He received the CREB Centennial Award for his outstanding efforts in the care and upkeep of the Board’s property.

“During his married life, Bill participated in church and community affairs. He spent many years in the Boy Scout Movement and was a Member of the City of Calgary’s Greening Committee. The traits that Bill brought to his real estate career he also brought to his community and church activities. He was known for his dedication, sincerity, ethics, and warmth, and exhibited them all throughout his involvement in the community at large,” says CREB.


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