Local coaching helping realtors take their game to the next level

Whether it’s sports or business, high-performing individuals these days are upping their game with the aid of coaches who are helping them hone their skills.

The real estate profession is no different and RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in Calgary is once again a leader in the industry.

Although it has been the top-producing single RE/MAX office in the world for 19 consecutive years, Central has brought on board business coach and consultant Sue Styles to help individual realtors grow their businesses.

“I’m there to help with training. I’m there to collaborate on high-level vision and targeted execution,” says Styles, a business coach for real estate professionals and a professional speaker and author, who operates her own company Maximized Results.

Styles, who is a certified business coach, says coaching at its purest form is the ability to ask targeted questions to your client, reveal the answers that are truthful for them and reveal the wisdom that is already inside of them.

But Styles, who is also a consultant, says a consultant like herself is someone who comes in and has the answers clients need for a certain area.

“I do come into the real estate industry having answers that people need . . . I am giving an opinion and my expertise,” she says, adding that she has  more than 10 years of experience in high-producing real estate offices as a business consultant and business administrator.

Her motto is simple: ‘I’m not bossy, I just know what you should be doing!’

And with that Styles offers clients current industry know-how with an insider’s edge.

“I think anybody who wants to get better at whatever they’re doing can benefit from hiring a coach whether it’s in sports, business, personal life, spirituality even. We all take ourselves as far as we can go with our ideas in our head but if we want to go beyond our own vision or beyond our own limitations that’s the time when hiring an experienced coach can take you to the next level, can help you cross the bridge, help you get over to the other side, wherever it is that you’re wanting to go,” explains Styles.

“The bottom line for me always is how can they make more money and connect with more clients.”

Coaching is particularly relevant she says for realtors and there’s many of them out there these days in Calgary – currently about 5,600.

“Their licence is an online course that gives them authority to trade real estate. It however does not give them the ability to run a business. It does not give them the knowledge in how to handle customers. It does not give them lead generating techniques,” says Styles.

“The ones who take their business seriously, the high producers, the ones running the business and have good reputations, I bet all of them have taken coaching and continually educate themselves so they can serve their clients with the highest level of professionalism.”

A better and more productive realtor only works to the benefit of the consumer whether they are a buyer or a seller of a home.

“The way that anybody builds their business is by their daily habits and I always teach that your daily habits will determine your yearly results,” she says.

And Styles says RE/MAX Central’s initiative in providing access to coaching for its realtors sends a clear message to everyone.

“A great long-term business knows never underestimate your opponent. There’s so many brokerages. And Central has been around for a long time but they have not lost their foothold. They keep digging in their heels to climb further up the mountain. At this point, that’s involved inviting me to come along and their vision for better performance. That results in continued good reputation and like attracts like. Birds of a feather like to flock together. So if you want that kind of service and you’re looking for a high level company they’ve really established a name for themselves in Calgary,” says Styles.

Nick Profeta, Office Manager and Chief Happiness Officer at RE/MAX Central, says the company is excited about the initiative in adding Styles to its training programs.

“In addition to the network of real estate coaches that RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) has used for many years in North America, we now have a local coach from Calgary who is able to help our agents with their real estate business and careers,” he says.

Central also recently appointed realtor Joe Viani to the position of Manager of the Engage Program, a new office-sponsored training program.  

Viani and the Engage program will be featured next week.