Industry honours long-serving Calgary realtors at Diamond Gala event

Each year the Calgary Real Estate Board honours several local realtors for their longevity in the business.

The Diamond Gala event is held to acknowledge members who have reached a legacy milestone in their career and Long Service Award certificates are presented to active CREB members achieving 25 or more years of service, excluding service interruptions.

They are awarded at each five-year milestone from 25 years on.

“We think it’s really important to recognize the achievements of our members,” says Alan Tennant, CREB’s CEO.

“It’s an amazing accomplishment when you think about it because it’s a very demanding job and it has many ups and downs and it’s the ultimate in free enterprise where our members are running a business. It’s a small business with all kinds of challenges, pressures and so on. And it’s them that makes it too. So this is a real true personal achievement to have longevity in such a challenging environment.”

So what are the key characteristics that drive a realtor to having this career for 25 years and beyond?

“I think first of all it’s a passion for the business for serving the real estate consumer. Really being curious about what it takes to make a seller happy and get them on to the next chapter. Or just being tenacious about finding that perfect home and really celebrating that with a family or an individual who have found their dream property. It is a very rewarding career in that way,” explains Tennant.

“Being able to embrace the challenges along the way and remain fresh in their approach is probably a common element that all these long-term members have.

“It is one of those professions where you can kind of toggle your involvement and your participation to match your lifestyle and your needs.”

More than 400 Calgary and area realtors attended the 2nd annual Diamond Gala on May 25.

“We know that times are tough for our members, but the fact that so many of them still get out and give back to CREB and the community is truly remarkable. Our membership is made up of some of the most caring, compassionate and professional people I’ve ever worked with, and it’s great to have an event where we can shine a light on these amazing individuals,” says Tennant.

The Honourary Life award was presented to Karl Stader and David P. Brown. The Commitment to CREB award was presented to lawyer Jeff Kahane.

The CREB Volunteer of the Year – Marilyn Jones Memorial Award was captured by Jeff Mikolajow.

Pat Hare

Several RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) realtors were honoured with longevity awards. They are listed here with their number of years of service:


Ian Cooper

Pat Hare

Larry A. Pallesen


Deric A. Burton

Bob Dhillon


Ron Carson

Linda Dagnall

Peter C. Leung

Amy Long

Peter Stiven

Ray Todd

Alnoor Velji


Tony DiMarzo

Laura Oyen

Trevor Ramage

Joel Semmens

Sylvia Solis-Marasco

Annie Tsok