A quarter century as #1 Office Worldwide: RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)

As a top producing office for a quarter of a century, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) felt it was important to clarify worldwide awards it has won and the number of years, as its new office logo is skipping 24 and highlighting 25 years of being honoured.

Recently during one of its management team meetings, the topic of RE/MAX’s 50th anniversary in 2023 came up, and people were discussing Central’s office awards. Someone asked about when Central first received the top office award in the world, and the newer team members’ were surprised when owner Patrick Hare told them it was in 1997, not in 1999 like they had previously thought.  They weren’t aware of the 1997 awards because the office had been focused on the number of consecutive years.

“As a result, I am proud to announce that our office has been the top-producing single RE/MAX office in a Metro Market for 25 years in total and 24 years in a row! While earning awards is great, what truly matters to us is the incredible team we have. Our owners have always emphasized the importance of having good people on the team, and I couldn’t agree more,” said Nick Profeta, Manager/Associate/CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) at Central. “We are grateful for our agents, managers, staff, families, friends, clients, and everyone who supports us.

Central people celebrate the office’s recent worldwide RE/MAX awards with a cake

“Our office competes for six awards, including Top Office in Number of Closed Transactions for both Metro Market in Canada and Worldwide, Top Office in Total Sales Volume for both Metro Market in Canada and Worldwide, and Largest Single Franchise for Paid Associate Count in both Canada and Worldwide. Since 1997, we have earned the top office award based on Closed Transactions for a Single Office 22 times and the award based on Total Sales Volume for a Single Office 12 times. Additionally, we have earned the award for Agent Count for a Single Office an incredible 26 times! We have also received numerous other awards for Canada, Western Canada, and Alberta.

“To me, our achievements are a testament to the importance of having a strong team. I asked some of our agents and staff about what earning the top office award means to them, and their responses were heartwarming. It’s clear that we all take immense pride in our work, but what truly makes us happy is the relationships we have with each other and the people we serve.”

Here are some of the thoughts from people on Central’s milestone achievement:

“When RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) received its first Top ProducingOffice Award worldwide 25 years ago, some of our current agents were just about to celebrate their first birthday! I am proud to be a member of our consistently high producing office earning such high distinction throughout the world,” said Stan Kushner, Associate Broker/Manager at Central.

“In this very competitive Industry, by doing the very best that we can for our clients, on every single transaction, this is what has brought us to this astounding level of consistently high production,” said Horace Rowe, a realtor at Central.

“Without a doubt, this is a great teamachievement everyone at Central has shared in and should be extremely proud to be a part of.  For me, this is not about being the broker of the #1 office in the world, it’s not about the trophies or the prize or the accolades that come with it. It’s being around how the best people conduct themselves day in and day out…who go to bat and work hard for their clients each and every day. It’s about raising the bar when it comes to professionalism and how the best people deal with situations and others. It’s the actions the best people take to become even better at what they do to become the best associate and citizen they can be!,” said David Lem, Broker/Manager at Central.

“Being the Top Office Worldwide in the RE/MAX network for 25 consecutive years gives us instant credibility with clients and the public! It is a great source of pride to see our RE/MAX Central team work together to attain this outstanding achievement!,” said Teri-Ann Bégin, a realtor at Central.

(Mario Toneguzzi is a veteran of the media industry for more than 40 years and named in 2021 a Top Ten Business Journalist in the world and only Canadian)