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  • A BRAND is more than a name, a logo or a collection of products and services. It’s how people think and feel about an organization as a whole, and it’s the essence of what makes a business unique as well stand out in a crowd.

  • A strong BRAND tells an organization’s story in a unified voice through local advertising, on the web, in collateral, on signage, in the community and local events.

  • RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) relies on the power of simple, clear and consistent visual and verbal communications that distinguish RE/MAX (Central) in the Alberta marketplace.

Best in the Business!

When you walk among top Alberta RE/MAX real estate agents, feeling motivated to grow your business is only natural. You will learn faster. You will strive for more. And you will find yourself serving clients with a fresh perspective. The office, located in Calgary, beat 11 RE/MAX offices in the city, all 100 offices in Alberta, 971 offices in Canada and 8,074 offices around the globe based on closed transactions for over 20 years. We know the business of real estate.

Pat Hare - Owner

Pat credits several factors to staying on top. For one, the office is constantly evolving and is an industry leader in adopting new technologies and marketing strategies online in Alberta for over 25 years. Furthermore, from decades of experience and achievement, he demonstrates professionalism and a culture of high expectation which breeds success. Pat takes pride in education, leadership & coaching. He respects people as individuals, sharing time and attention, seeing each REALTORS® potential. His consideration is acknowledged, and he is described as always setting aside time “if you need his advice, opinions or coaching.” Based on strong family values, Pat has built his business through hard work that has earned him loyalty. Pat leads by example. His wife and son are actively involved at Central, and a nephew and niece have worked there long-term. Read More..


Build Your Business No Office Required

Our RE/MAX (Central) Team will be there with you, empowering you with technology, guidance, coaching, training, exposure and progressive ideas to help assist as you build your sustainable, entrepreneurial success. RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) agents are co-operatively working together in Alberta and receive access to Exclusive Community Marketing, Advertising & Lead Generation Resources.

We Keep Growing!

RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) far exceeded expectations in 2021 by offering Agents all over Alberta the opportunity to become Neighbourhood Experts. With our extensive website network alone combined with our Exclusive Multi-Channel marketing and lead generation platform 2023-2024 really will be Your Unfair Advantage as an agent in Alberta.

A Culture of Accountabilty

“This Multi-Channel real estate marketing, lead generation system has helped me grow as an agent along with my business. From daily training and mentorship programs on marketing, working with buyers/sellers, accountability to myself, lead generation/retention and mortgage education was extremely useful to form my “REALTOR® Success toolkit”. Two other important benefits are the sharing of ideas / strategies between REALTOR® members in Alberta and guest speakers.” – J.P.


Weekly Training & Coaching Sessions

Awareness, traffic and lead activity can help develop your overall business model. When you walk among top producers, feeling motivated to grow your business is only natural. You’ll learn faster. You’ll strive for more. And you’ll find yourself serving clients with a fresh perspective. See how being part of a hardworking team can energize your career.

Weekly Educational Events

Evidence Based Success Stories

Neighbourhood Expert Program

This "Neighbourhood Expert Program" is for RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) Alberta real estate Agents designed for New REALTORS®, Experienced REALTORS® & growing Teams. With this "Accountability based Program" you receive Coaching, Training & Weekly tasks to be completed all while improving your real estate knowledge, personal marketing & lead generation opportunities in communities you farm everyday!

Interested In Learning More?

  • "Can I join the Neighbourhood Expert Program?"
    • Yes, real estate agents in Alberta can Apply to be part of the Neighbourhood Expert Program.

  • Will I receive both buyer and seller referrals?
    • Yes, depending on Your market conditions, areas in Alberta you work and stage you are at completing our Evidence Based Accountability/Training Programs.

  • How do I get started?
    • Fill out request form below. Provide brief discription. After we review your request we will get in touch.

  • Where can I find more information on becoming a RE/MAX (Central) Agent in Alberta?
    • Visit RE/MAX (Central) Careers to learn more about becoming a RE/MAX (Central) agent in Alberta or fill out the information request form below.

Let's See if We can Find a Fit!

RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) continues to interview Neighbourhood Experts in more Cities, Towns and local Communities in Alberta. Through our Operations Team combined with Multi-Channel marketing systems and service driven platforms, we strive to achieve and improve agent focused efficiencies for all RE/MAX (Central) Agents in Alberta. Leave us a request below and lets together explore your goals and assess how we can best work together.

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