RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) realtors get top-notch training to achieve success

Internationally-renowned motivational speaker and author Richard Robbins has been one of the key people training RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) realtors over the years.

The business mentor, considered a real estate icon, was in Calgary again Thursday delivering his message to help local realtors solidify their path to success.

“As an organization our goal is to help realtors build a business that fully supports the life they want to live,” says Robbins, co-founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International, a global sales and business coaching organization. “We’re in the coaching and training business and obviously I do a lot of speaking and really what I’m trying to do is help agents become highly, highly productive in their business so they can produce really extraordinary results and maybe not work as much.”

One of the key factors in leading to a realtor’s success is lead generation, says Robbins, who is based in Toronto.

“If you look at the real estate industry as a whole, we’re a painfully under-trained industry when somebody gets a real estate licence,” he says. “Now that’s something obviously that RE/MAX Central does better than most. They have lots of great training programs for their people.

“But if you just look at the industry, when somebody gets a real estate licence essentially they’ve learned nothing about selling. They’ve learned nothing about how to build a business. They’ve learned nothing about lead generation. Lead conversion. How to do presentations. So what happens is generally people get into the industry and they’ve got dollar signs in their eyes and they think they’re going to do extremely well in a short period of time and unfortunately that’s not usually the case. So what we try to do is we create systems. We teach lead generation systems.”

For the past 19 years, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) in Calgary has been a leader in the industry – 19 consecutive years as the top producing single RE/MAX office in the world in 2017 under the leadership of Pat Hare, who owns the company with his wife Denise. Hare is a firm believer in giving his close to 300 realtors solid training programs to help them improve their personal and business skills.

Robbins coaches many of the top realtors in Canada. He’s taken the best practices from them and developed systems that allow other realtors to implement very tactical initiatives that will enable them to produce results.

“The barrier of entry into real estate and some other businesses is very, very low. We have a tremendous amount of turnover. People get licenced and in a few years they’re gone,” says Robbins.

“The last number I read it was like 70 per cent of the people that got licenced, three years later they’re no longer licenced. I believe that everybody has the right and they have the ability to succeed. The challenge in most cases is trying to learn from the school of hard knocks. And the school of hard knocks for those that can stay in the game long enough might eventually work. But how can we shortcut the system? How can we reduce people’s learning curve? And just teach them how to produce very specific results in the world.”

Robbins started in real estate when he was 24 and opened a real estate company at the age of 27. He built that company up to where it had the highest production per agent of any company in its trading area.

“That was primarily due to the fact that we had in-house training and coaching,” he says.

In 1996, he sold that independent company in Toronto to RE/MAX and when he was 38 years old he started RRI.

“With the intention of really just taking our training and coaching that we were doing for a small group of people in our brokerage to a much larger audience. That’s how it all evolved,” says Robbins.


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